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Work with me, and let me help you reach your health goals by using personalized nutrition prescriptions tailored to meet your needs.

Not local?  Need to meet from the comfort of your own home?  Now offering full telehealth packages. Whatever works best for you is important to me!


— Jenny, Orange, CA

"Deirdre was instrumental in leading me in the right direction to find a nutritious diet tailored to fit my special needs. She took a holistic approach to my specific needs that took into account my past medical history, possible genetic factors and specific steps needed to deal with my symptoms by addressing not only food, but lifestyle and environmental factors.


Deirdre’s knowledge as a dietitian and the many factors that affect our bodies is extensive. She is happy to help with recipe and product suggestions and is professional, kind and understanding.


Thank you, Deirdre, for helping me understand and improve my health!"

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