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Specializing in medical nutrition therapy for adults, children and families.

Nutrition Therapy

During your nutrition consult, we focus on understanding your needs by gathering information from sources like your health history, any lab results, and your personal story.


Next, we evaluate your current nutritional status, life style habits, activity and eating patterns that are helping or hindering your health.  


An individualized nutrition program is then created for you with an action plan designed in an easy to follow stepwise fashion.


Together we will prioritize attainable goals for you to reach that will help motivate and move you toward better health. 

You will leave with a good understanding of your plan as well as a take-home packet with your individualized program to review and follow for later.

No matter where you are in your journey, I can help move you to your next step for better health.  

Diet therapy available for:

  • Diabetes care including gestational

  • Plant based nutrition plans

  • Lipid Management -High Cholesterol and triglycerides (including fatty liver diseases)

  • Pregnancy and post-partum nutrition

  • Food Allergies

  • Food sensitivities

  • Children's Health

  • Celiac disease including non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS)

  • General Nutrition/Wellbeing

  • As well as other conditions, send me an email about your concerns



  • Packages can be tailored to suit your needs


All consults include take home materials individualized for your success.


Most initial consults will last 1 hour.  Packages available at a discounted rate.

Call or email for more information at











  • 10-sessions (first session is one hour, subsequent session are 45 minutes each) over an eight month period.


  • 6-sessions, (first session is one hour, subsequent sessions are 45 minutes each) over a four month period. 


  • 3-sessions (first session is one hour, subsequent sessions are 45 minutes each) over a 2 month period.





All consults include take home materials tailored for your success.


***Currently not taking insurance

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