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Hi, I'm Deirdre!

I am a registered dietitian in the Southern California area.  My main passions (aside from nutrition) are family, endurance sports and creating just about anything.  I love to garden and to create new recipes especially with the foods that come fresh from our family's garden.


I love what I do and feel fortunate that I can help others by sharing my knowledge of and passion for nutrition.  I believe strongly that food plays one of the biggest roles in our life with regard to maintaining our health and healing our bodies.  Therefore, I believe that the food we consume should be a top priority in our lives.


My formal education includes holding a bachelor's degree in the nutritional sciences from Virginia Tech and a master's degree from James Madison University.  I also have specialized training in the areas of fitness perscriptions and food sensitivites and allergies.  


I hope you've enjoyed learning a little about me, and I hope to learn a little about you too!


Warm Regards,


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